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This certificate is not valid if the serial number has been defaced or altered ICN2/0335772 ELECTRICAL INSTALLATION CERTIFICATE Issued in accordance with British Standard 7671 - Requirements for Electrical
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You're fixed one report is a legaldocument the purpose of which is toofficially report upon the condition ofyour electrical installation if youdon't think of what happens and someonereceives a shock from part of yourinstallation or there's an electricalfire in your building a court inquest orinsurance company will want to refer tothis document this is why it's soimportant it's done correctly allelectrical contractors will issue a BS767 one report and the format of this isbased upon the forms in the 17th editionwiring regulations in other words anyreport you receive from any electricianwill look pretty much the same butbecause this report is a legal documentat first glance it can be a littleconfusing in this video I'm going toexplain how to understand it the firstthing to understand is that the reportconsists of 21 different sections andthese are numbered let's look at eachone section one contains your details ifyou have many different sites this willbe your head office address a sectiontwo explains the purpose of the reportit could be because of an insurancecompany request may be simply for asafety assessment section three givesthe details of the installation such asthe address type of premises age of theinstallation and details of any previousinspections if there are any sectionfour gives any limitations to thetesting now this is important as itstates any tests or parts of thebuilding which the electrical contractorhas been unable to complete theselimitations should always be agreed withyou the customer in advance of thetesting taking place section five is adeclaration by the electrician and theverifying officer that the inspectionand testing has been completed to theagreed standard you should never accepta report which has not been signedsection six is a summary of the reportin this case we can see that theinstallation is in an unsatisfactorycondition section seven is the oneyou'll probably be most interested in itcontains a list of observations and thisis basically a list of what's wrong withyour installation you'll notice that inthe right hand column each defect hasbeen coded either c1we'll see three and you need to have allc1 and c2 defects rectified for you tobe compliant for more information ondefects and coding please watch ourvideo on this subject section eight ofthe contractors recommendations and thiswill usually just tell you - how will c1and c2 defects rectified as soon aspossiblesection nine states when you should haveyour next inspection carried out sectionten gives the details the contractorincluding their n IC e IC e CA or neipit registration number if applicablesections 11 to 21give the actual electrical test resultsand results of visual inspections thatare attained during the fix wire testunless you're a technical supervisorit's unlikely that you're going to haveany interest in EES so I'm not going tocover...